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Clash of Clans Guide – MASTERING THE GAME

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Mastering the game with Clash of Clans Guide

Game Basics

Clash of Clans is a renowned game from a Finland-based video game company Supercell, which has risen to prominence with the release of this game. Released on the 2nd of August, 2012 on the iOS platform, this game has been on the top download charts ever since. Read our Clash of Clans Guide and learn all the latest tips and strategies for the game.

The game is available as a free app on iTunes, but the makers also introduced a feature where players were charged money to advance further in the game. This feature skyrocketed the company’s profits and made the game one of the most popular apps on the iOS platform. Users of the Apple products are in love with this game and with the help of this Clash of Clans Guide you will be a clans king!

igameshack clash of clans guide

The Story

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game from the Strategy genre, where every player has a village to build. The in-game currency is in the form of gold, elixir and dark elixir, and each player is given 500 gems in the beginning, from which they have to construct buildings, hire troops and train them for attack and defense. More gems can either be bought by paying at the iTunesstore, or by completing the tasks given in the game.

Buildings and troops can be upgraded as the player progresses in the game. The main objective is to spruce up your village and go to war with other players to destroy their village. When you manage to do so, you obtain the loot from their village which can be used to upgrade yours.

The game has an interesting edge to it. Every village has the ruins of a Clan Castle, which needs to be rebuilt at some point in the game. This feature is only applicable for multiplayer campaigns. When the castle is rebuilt, a player can join a clan with other players and share troops with one another. The game also has a chat feature which allows players to interact with each other during play.

Tips & Tricks

When playing the game, there will often be stages at which you get confused as to what you need to do to progress. It is at these moments that you can use the tips & tricks in this Clash of Clans Guide, provided below. They will help you upgrade your stats and resources and make your clan more powerful.

igameshack clash of clans tricks

Toughening Up Your Defense
When your buildings are being attacked, you will get a 12-hour shield in order to be able to restore them. This is generally when the buildings have been destroyed around 40%. You can actually use the shield to strengthen your defense. You can use the shield for all the hours it has been awarded for and make your defense stronger.

Making the Most of Multiplayer Battles
When you are fighting a multiplayer battle, there are several resources that you can easily raid and add to your kitty. The key is to know the percentage of resources that you can get your hands on.

★ In the Dark Elixir Storage, you can get up to 5% of the Dark
Elixirs, which can be around 2,000

★ From the Gold and Elixir Collectors, you can plunder up to 50%
of what they have

★ The Town Hall is the place to be during a multiplayer battle as
you can take anything and everything you want. There are no
limits on the items stored there.

★ In the Gold and Elixir Storage, you can retrieve up to 20% of
the resources.

★ 75% of the Dark Elixirs that are present in the Dark Elixir Drills
are yours for the taking.

One thing you do need to keep in mind is that your opponent’s Town Hall level has to be higher than yours in order for you to gain a nice booty. If the level is lower, you can’t expect to find too much stuff you don’t already have.

Gaining More Gems
Gems are perhaps the most precious commodity in Clash of Clans. From time to time, you will need to use them for different purposes.
Therefore, it is essential to keep as many gems in your kitty as possible. The easiest way, in terms of effort, is to buy gems fromSupercell. That’s how they earn their cash!
The packages go from 500 gems for $4.99 to unlimited gems for $1,500, which is a relatively new offer. However, why spend yourcash buying gems when you can just as easily earn them!

Clearing the Field
This is not exactly a cheat as you need a lot of luck for this to work.
When you are clearing a field, there is always a chance that you find a gem underneath the rock, bush or tree that you just removed. This is the simplest way to find gems but you cannot be certain regarding the number of gems you find. One thing you can be sure of is if you clear 500 obstacles from yourfield, you will get 20 gems!

There are a number of achievements you can earn to get more gems. Most of them are related to completing certain milestones in the game. For instance, you will get a gem bonus when you unlock dragons in the game or if you have increased the size of your gold coffer.

The trophies you earn during the battles are also a way you can get more gems. For instance, you will receive 450 gems if you haveearned 1,250 trophies in multiplayer battles. So, keep on earning more trophies and completing more milestones and your gem resources will increase for sure.

When it comes to Gems, it is better to be a miser. In the game, it is quite tempting to use the gems you have earned to speed things up.
Building, training, etc, are completed quicker when you spend Gems on them. However, this is not a wise move as you will need them forpurchases and for difficult stages later on in the game.

Though it might be difficult to convince yourself to do so, you haveto preserve the Gems for as long as possible and use them onlywhen you absolutely need to. This can prove to be a major factor inensuring you complete the game successfully and don’t get stuck at any stage.

Often you wander around aimlessly wondering what to do next. The missions and quests you have to complete are done and dusted and there seems to be nothing new to do. However, the game isn’t over till it’s over. The new missions that you have to complete pop up in the corner of your screen. Make sure you check each and every message that you receive during the game. They usually lead you to your next mission.

Purchasing Resources
There are many items that you can buy from the Shop using Elixirs and Gold that you have earned during your quests. They include:

Elixir Collector
The Elixir Collectors arethe places where the Elixir is produced. Upgrade the collector to get more Elixir. You have to pay 150 Gold for this.

Gold Mine
The Gold Mine is like the Elixir Collector, but the difference is that it produces Gold. The price for this is 150 Elixir.

Builder’s Hut
The Builder’s Hut can be set up for 500 gems. Without the builders on your side, there is little you can do so this is one of the most important resources in the game.

Elixir Storage/Gold Storage
All the Gold and Elixir you produce has to be stored as well for which you need Storage. Buy Gold Storage for 300 Elixirs, and Elixir Storage for 300 Gold. The bigger your storage space, the more Gold and Elixir you can keep.

Army Camp
The Army Camp is where the troops reside. You can set one up for 250 Elixir.

Barracks are used for training your troops which is extremely important. These cost 200 Elixir.

These are just some of the resources you can purchase using Gold, Elixir and Gems. Among the other things you can buy are:

☆Giant Bombs
☆Archer Towers
☆Wizard Tower
☆Air Defense
☆Shields (24 Hours, One Week, Fortnight)

Dropping Trophies
When you are playing Clash of Clans using this guide, it is possible that you earn more trophies than you can manage. You can drop the trophies as long as you have a Hero. Simply pick a fight with someone, don’t do any attacking and make sure the Hero isn’t attacked. This will cause you to drop some trophies without wasting any other resources.

Resting Your Heroes
Talking about Heroes, initially they took a long time to recuperate.
The version 3.25 patch introduced by Supercell reduced that time considerably, however, it can still take more than an hour. This is why it is important that you select the best possible time to rest your Heroes when you don’t have much to do.

The resources you earn are numerous and they will keep increasing as you play. However, if you aren’t using a Shield, you will lose all the resources that you have at the end of the day. Therefore, if you don’t have a shield, it is a good idea to use up all the resources you have stored up till then.

The main idea behind Clash of Clans is that you join a clan and lead it to victory. To join a Clan, you will have to set up your Castle first.
This way, you can start fighting other players and start winning rewards and resources. You can increase your Clan by inviting yourFacebook and Game Center friends.

These are just some of the tips & tricks you can follow in Clash of Clans to get started off on the right foot. By no means are these the only ones you have. As you keep playing, you will discover more tricks along the way.

The purpose of providing tips & tricks with this Clash of Clans Guide, is to ensure you can start playing the game without delay and in the best way possible. However, you will need something more advanced to really get going and achieve success in the game.
For that purpose, you will find a number of cheats you can use to upgrade your resources, troops and buildings in order to complete the game quickly!


No matter what game, you always need cheats, sometimes when you need them or just for the fun of it. Some cheats are listed which will make your game more fun.

igameshack clash of clans cheats guide

Saving Elixir Offline
Here is a cheat for regaining your elixir when you are offline. Fill up your camps, and then fill up the Barracks with Wall breakers. Turn the game off and note the amount remaining. The next time that you log on, the amount will be restored to the previous one.

Get Free Elixir
To get free elixir, you have to cue up a troop when you are upgrading it. However, make sure there are less than 30 seconds remaining on the upgrade and that you have a full army at your disposal. Once the upgrade is done, simply un-train the troops you have and you will get your free elixir.

Quitting a Battle but Still Gaining Trophies
In the game, you have to complete the battles you start in order to gain the trophies you earn during them. However, there are some instances where the battle is tough and you find it extremely hard to get through even after multiple attempts. The thing is that you can actually quit the battle midway and show the white flag and yet gain trophies.

For this, you need to avoid casting any spells and you should not deploy your troops. Also, the option to ‘Surrender’ should not be visible on the screen at the time you quit the battle. This way, you can keep your trophies.

Preserving Your Troops
There is a common perception that only the troops you use during a battle in Clash of Clans are used up. However, this is not the case at all. Every troop that you take into battle will be lost even if you have fought using a single unit only. This is why consider the strength of your enemy before deciding on the troops you want to take into battle, as you won’t get them back.

Selecting Your Troops
Since you lose the troops you take, it is best to select the troops that are ideal for killing the kind of opponents you have to take on.
Initially, you will have to rely on having a large army as during the early stages, you haven’t unlocked the soldiers that specialize in killing certain species. Practice makes perfect and that is the mantra you should follow when going into battle.

Getting Three Stars
It’s quite easy to gain all three stars on the Goblin levels. The only thing you need to do is absolutely annihilate everything. You aren’t going to gain three stars if you leave anything intact. So, it is best to go on a rampage when you are playing the Goblin levels as that will pretty much ensure you get three stars.

Lightning Spells
Over time, you will discover a number of Spells in Clash of Clans.
The Rage Spell is a perennial favorite, no wonder that it’s so powerful. That being said, all the Spells are powerful and have specific uses. However, it is the Lightning Spell which can get you out of a tight corner.
You might have forgotten about the Lightning Spell given that it appears weak. When upgraded to 4 Stars, the Spell becomes so powerful that it can take out a Level 5 Mortar easily. Moreover, if there are other mortars, Wizard Towers or other defensive setups of your opponent nearby, two spells will destroy them all.

Simply speaking, you shouldn’t wait to exact revenge on anyone who attacks your clan. There is simply nothing you can gain by waiting or delaying the attack. The ‘Revenge’ option will show up on the screen as soon as you have been attacked. Of course, you cannot play the game 24/7 which leaves your clan vulnerable.
The game enables you to check the attacker’s base before you launch your revenge attack. This way, you know exactly where everything is and what kind of resources you can get your hands on. You can also prepare better as you know the opponent’s strength. Attack ASAP and you will gain maximum rewards for it.
You can use these cheats to get ahead in the game. Without a doubt, they will enable you to complete the game faster and ensure you don’t get stuck at any level.

Mastering the Gameplay

igameshack clash of clans master guideGetting Started
Like 90% of all games, you start with a tutorial. The tutorial is given by a character which explains you how to play, with big arrows pointing towards the things you need to click or tap. Follow the instructions given in the tutorial and you will have no trouble in getting the hang of the game.

Do not spend the gems that you have on making buildings right away. The initial constructions are on their way to completion and you may wait for them to finish. The tutorial instructs you to place cannons for defense.
When it comes to deploying troops, the best strategy is to use as few troops as possible in the initial stages to save resources. Simply place 2 wizards on either side of the cannon and you are good to go.

You are protected by a shield for the first 3 days of the game, which means that you cannot be attacked, so you do not have to spend on the defenses in the beginning. In the first 48 hours, focus on upgrading the Gold mines and Elixir collections as much as possible, so that you may be able to upgrade your town hall easily. Build only one Elixir storage and Gold storage in the beginning as it will be enough. You will know when to build another one.

Setting Up Your Base
In the remaining 24 hours, when your shield is still active, you need to start working on your defenses. Start building the defensive buildings, carefully planning their positions according to their strengths and weaknesses.
Next, you must create barriers between the enemy troops and your important buildings by making use of walls and traps. Walls are effective in combating ground troops and they withstand a great deal of damage. If positioned well, they provide excellent defense.

Non-important buildings, such as the Laboratory or Army camp, may be placed outside the walls to distract enemies. However, if there are gaps in the structure of the walls, or if they do not surround the village properly, the enemies may benefit from this mistake and attack your village easily.
Gaps between walls can also be used as an effective technique to sweep out the enemy. The gap must be in such a place that it is in the line of fire of the defense units, so when a group of enemy troops wanders through the gap in the wall, it will fall prey to the splash damage of your units. Keep upgrading your walls so that you have the best protection.

You can also place bombs or hidden traps in the openings to catch unsuspecting trespassers. The walls are only effective for ground troops, and those too can bypass them by using the Jump spell or using Wall breakers, which create holes in walls enclosing important buildings, and self-destruct. Make sure you have installed Air defense before the air troops come flying in!

Using the Units
Units are troops, which are trained in the Barracks and stationed in the Army camps. As the game progresses, more units are unlocked, and the previous ones can be upgraded to cause more damage. Just
as the enemies attack your village, you have to attack theirs with your army and rob them of their resources!

Each unit has some specifications, which are listed on the menu. When selecting them, you must consider their terrain, type of damage they inflict, what they target best, their damage rate and the cost to train them.
These factors will help you select the best units for defending your village. You ave to select units according to the defenses put up by the enemy, so here are a few ideal situations which will help you
If you wish to target the defenses without having to go through the whole maze, you may use balloons. These are hot-air balloons, controlled by Wall breakers, which drop bombs on the enemy’s resources. Although they are the slowest of all, they cause heavy damage to ground troops. They will destroy one defensive structure after another, unless destroyed by any of the air troops, Wizard or Archer towers.
The path of the balloon is unpredictable, as it may go towards any defensive unit after destroying the first one.

Another unit to attack the defenses, but a ground troop, is the Giants. They withstand large amounts of damage, but inflict very little in return. They can be deployed in a group of troops to destroy the defenses, as they can act as a shield while the more effective attackers take out their targets.

If you’re looking to rake in the loot, call in the Goblins! These are the fastest of the ground troops, and they target the resource buildings. When they destroy all the resource buildings, they move to attack the defenses. However, as they steal the loot, they are hot targets for the defense units, so they must not be sent alone.

There are two ground units that simply attack the nearest unit, namely the Barbarians and P.E.K.K.A. The Barbarians are the first and the P.E.K.K.A the last of the units. Barbarians can be used to destroy buildings outside of the walls, since they take on the closest building and are weak against walls. The P.E.K.K.A happens to be very strong, so it can be used to break through walls and destroy defenses.

Air troops that act in the same manner as above are the Dragons, which also attack the nearest object. They are very powerful troops, combating against all kinds of defensive buildings.

Archers and Wizards are ranged units, being the only ground units in the game which have to walk the terrain but can attack from over the walls. They target the unit closest to them. Archers cannot attack over a wall which precedes two empty spaces, and they are easy targets for all defense units.

Wizards shoot fireballs over the walls, but their range is low. They can withstand a reasonable amount of damage, but they can be knocked out by targeted attacks, which is why they must be shielded by the larger troops.

Minions are also ranged units, but they can fly! It spits dark elixir on the closest unit it can reach. They are the least useful of the troops, since their damage per second is least, and they are also vulnerable
to air attacks.

If any of your troops need medical attention, fly in the Healers. They will restore the health of the selected troop until it is fully healed or dead, and then it chooses the next nearest target. If the targeted
unit is near some others, the Healer chooses to heal all of them, but this feature is limited to a very short radius. The air defense strike is the only thing that can bring it down.

Last, but not the least by any means, are the Wall breakers which, as the name suggests, break through walls to make way for the other troops to intrude. They target the most protected building and break its wall, blowing themselves up also in the process. They are the most useful unit to break walls, but they can be easily attacked and blown to bits before they work on a wall.

Using the information above, you can select the ideal troops to aid you in every situation, and increase your terror in the game!

‘Farming’ Trophies
If you manage to defend your village or raid another village successfully, you are awarded with trophies which are responsible for your status among all players. The more trophies you have, the more chances you have to appear on the Leader board, which features the top 200 players.

If you are attacking a village and you obtain one star, by destroying half the village or the town hall, you get ½ more of the trophies you have. For two stars, you get 2/3 trophies and for 3 stars, you get 3
An easier way to get trophies is to farm for them. Yes, you heard it right! Farmers leave their resource storages and town halls in the most vulnerable, as they want to lose trophies. This is their tried and tested method, which you can use to your advantage.

Look for villages in which the town hall is near the edge of the terrain or uncovered by walls. These belong to the Farmers. Simply destroy their town halls, and the trophies are yours! Be wary of hidden traps, which may catch you unguarded.
A way to check this is to check whether the level of the town hall is less than 7 or not.
Some farmers place their town halls at the edge of the terrain, but still cover it with walls and hidden traps. For such villages, you should first check the town hall rating, and then check what kinds of
defenses are installed. After checking this, send in the troops to destroy the town hall and claim the trophies.

If you want to protect your trophies, you have to protect your town hall very well. As you already know, you also gain trophies when you defend your village, so make your defense strong to keep the trophies to yourself.

Boosting Your Experience
As you progress in the game by completing achievements, destroying town halls, playing in clans, constructing and upgrading buildings, you gain experience which increases your level and unlocks new troops and upgrades. The amount of experience you gain loosely depends on the time and resources used to complete each building.

You do not get any experience for placing walls, setting up laboratories or setting decorations or traps. It is useful to upgrade the town hall, since it increases the experience greatly and unlocks new buildings in turn.

The process of match making is entirely dependent upon the trophies. No matter what your level or experience is, you can battle with any player in the game. This process enables you to choose your opponents according to your wish.

All you have to do is lose a few trophies intentionally, by attacking the enemy’s base with one single unit. It will eventually be destroyed and you would lose some trophies. When the number of trophies falls, you stand in the league of people less competitive than you and you have a better chance to win from them.

Another tested method is to drop your trophy count drastically, and then challenge less experienced players to battle with you. In this way, you will easily win the trophies.

Learning to Raid
Raiding is quite similar to farming, as both are done to gain the resources. Raiding doesn’t center on trophies. It is done to gain additional resources which are used to build your village and upgrade buildings.
The resources in the game are elixir and gold, and gold is more valuable to players as it can be used for walls and defense structure, whereas elixir is restricted to units only.
The best raid is one in which the fewest number of units are used and the easiest of the loot is raked in. Two factors have to be considered here. Firstly, you need to consider the amount that can be stolen and secondly, how much you would have to spend on troops and resources to carry out this heist. If the equation looks good, then it’s a successful raid. Work out all these factors and then carry out the raid.

The next thing to keep in mind is selecting the right village to carry out the raid. You should check the total number of resources of that player. If they are quite few, then it’s best to move on. But do not expect very high resources either, since more resources mean increased difficulty.

From the total resources calculated, you can also decipher where the storages will be installed. If the resources are very high, then the resources would be somewhere in the center, surrounded by walls.
All you have to do is break through the defense and rob the storages of the resources.

Helping Your Clan Win!
This brings us to the end of our Clash of Clans guide. You will have learned all you need to know about the game and how you can master the levels and complete it in no time at all. The key is to follow this eBook as a step-by-step guide and use the tips & tricks and cheats to save time on achieving milestones.

As you can see, the Clash of Clans guide to mastering is quite comprehensive and covers almost everything one needs to know about Clash of Clans. If you have downloaded the game already and are struggling to succeed at it, you won’t after reading this guide. On the other hand, if you don’t have the game, now is the perfect time to get it!

So, what are you waiting for? Step into the battlefield and help your clan win over the others. And rememeber that you have our gems hack tool to help you!

Enjoy Clash of Clans!

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